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<samuel_b> Hello everybody !
<samuel_b> i m facing a metaphysics problem, mybe you can help me :)
<samuel_b> how would you do to edit data in osm,
<samuel_b> 1- fetch with overpass and send with osm-api
<samuel_b> 2- fetch first with overpass, then fetch again with osm-api on the way you want to edit, send with osm-api

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<samuel_b> i feeled like (2) would be more up to date data, but overpass has about a 1minute cache

<simonpoole> in general you will need to deal with the data from overpass being out of sync with the OSM-API, but 2) is clearly to be be preferred imho
<simonpoole> depending on the amount/kind of data you are interested in naturally simply downloading from the osm-api might be better

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<TomH> well mostly "how you edit data in osm" is to fetch from the osm api and then send to the osm api!
<TomH> if you feel the need to fetch from overpass instead then it suggests you are into the territory of doing some sort of bulk edit which means the api to use is the least of your problems reallt

<samuel_b> the idea of using overpass is to show a user some kinds of data, and when a particular way gets clicked iknow exactly what to ask osm-api
<samuel_b> i was wondering how much osm-api can handle
<samuel_b> a typical case is editing one way or one point , and it s manual editing
<TomH> you don't think the api can handle you fetching a single way or node?
<samuel_b> (i need to ask overpass first to know what are the element ids i m interested in, but i like (2) :)

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<samuel_b> i think it can, but if many users do this, i dunno how many times a day,.. is there somewhere specifications of what is nice or not nice to do ?

<simonpoole> well "most" editors use the osm-api, that's what is there for
<simonpoole> so the only reason to use the overpass-api would be do get a selected set of data (which however depending on what you want to edit, might be a bad idea)

<TomH> well there are some rate limits but you're very likely to hit them fetching single objects - most edits fetch all the data for an area after all which is a much bigger load!

<samuel_b> thanks. that s why i use overpass first ; it is useful to get a first set from bbox to display (and i can have a nice format) ;
<samuel_b> so i think i can keep this, and then use only osm-api when it comes to "really" editing

<simonpoole> im amy case you are much more likely to run in to rate limiting from the overpass api than from the osm api

<samuel_b> ok :o
<samuel_b> so fetching 'bbox' via osm api and filter elements , by my server, is an option to think of.. but now the limit would be that server
<samuel_b> ( + overpass doesnt give elements version, which we need for editing)

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<Marc_marc[m]> out meta give it

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